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Who Are We?

My Remote Staffing is a recruitment and staffing agency specializing in “Remote Staffing”. Our mission is to support our clients in achieving their recruitment activities anytime and anywhere.

Our staffing consultants are not only familiar with sourcing remote staff, but also have a strong knowledge of HR regulations and employment laws in SEA countries. 

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Our Services

Remote Staffing

Remote staffing solutions enable businesses to hire and manage employees who work from locations outside the company’s physical offices.

This approach leverages technology for communication, collaboration, and project management, allowing teams to work together effectively, regardless of their geographical locations.

Contract Staffing / Staff Augmentation

Contract staffing/Staff Augmentation are staffing solutions that enable companies to hire staff through staffing agencies that manage the recruitment, payroll, and administrative tasks.

This flexible staffing solution allows companies to adapt quickly to workload fluctuations, access specialized skills for short-term projects, and reduce overhead costs associated with full-time employees.

Language Hirings

Language Hiring is a recruitment solution to hire individuals with specific language skills. This process prioritizes fluency and cultural understanding in one or more languages beyond the company’s primary language of operation.

Language Hiring solution enables businesses to expand their reach, enhance customer support, and improve market penetration in global markets.

Benefit of Remote Staffing

Cost Effective Solutions

Scale up your business and save on expenses related to commuting subsidies, office supplies, and facilities management.

Flexible Workforce Scaling

Quickly scale your workforce capacity up or down in response to project demands or changing business needs

Global Talent

Hire the best candidates regardless of their geographical location, enabling access to specialized skills and expertise that may not be available locally.

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