About Us

We are the leading employment agency in Malaysia

Over 20 years of excellence

We leverage our networks and resources to identify remote job candidates with the skills and experience required by the client.

Company Profile

EPS was established in 1993 and over the years we have proven ourselves to be a major force in Malaysia’s recruitment and outsourcing industry. We provide top notch services to fulfil your organization’s staffing and outsourcing needs.

Our Focus

  1. Candidate Sourcing and Screening: We leverage our networks and resources to identify remote job candidates with the skills and experience required by the client. We use a combination of methods, including job postings, candidate databases, and industry-specific connections, to source suitable candidates. We also screen applicants to ensure they meet the client’s qualifications and preferences.
  2. Skill Matching: We carefully match the skills and expertise of remote candidates with the specific needs of the client. This process ensures that the candidates presented to the client are well-suited for remote roles and can effectively contribute to the organization’s goals.
  3. Flexible Workforce Solutions: We can provide flexible workforce solutions, including temporary, contract, part-time, or full-time remote staffing options. This allows businesses to adjust their staffing needs according to project demands or changing circumstances.
  4. Remote Interviewing and Evaluation: We can conduct remote interviews and assessments, making it easier for both clients and candidates to connect without the need for in-person meetings. We may use video interviews, skills assessments, and other digital tools to evaluate candidates’ qualifications.
  5. Global Talent Acquisition: Some of our specialties include global talent acquisition, helping clients tap into a diverse pool of remote talent from around the world. This can be especially beneficial for companies seeking specific expertise or language skills.
  6. Compliance and Legal Support: We can assist with legal and compliance aspects of remote hiring, including understanding local labor laws, tax regulations, and visa requirements if hiring remote workers from different countries.
  7. Technology and Infrastructure: We may recommend and implement remote work technology and infrastructure solutions to ensure that remote employees have the necessary tools and connectivity to perform their roles effectively.
  8. Remote Onboarding: We can help facilitate remote onboarding processes, ensuring that new hires receive the necessary training and resources to integrate smoothly into the organization, even when working remotely.
  9. Ongoing Support: We can provide ongoing support to both clients and remote workers, addressing any issues or challenges that may arise during the employment relationship. This support can include performance management, conflict resolution, and communication enhancement.
  10. Cost-Efficiency: Engaging us for remote staffing can be cost-effective for businesses because it saves them the time and resources required for extensive candidate searches, screening, and administrative tasks.
  11. Quality Assurance: We often maintain a pool of pre-screened remote talent, which can reduce the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates and improve the overall quality of hires.
  12. Adaptation to Remote Work Trends: We stay up-to-date with remote work trends, best practices, and technologies, enabling us to offer valuable insights and recommendations to our clients.

In today’s increasingly remote-friendly work environment, remote staffing services provided by us are vital for companies looking to access a broader talent pool, maintain flexibility, and optimize their remote workforce for success. These services help businesses effectively navigate the challenges of remote hiring and ensure they secure the right talent for their remote positions. Contact EPS Malaysia for a free consultation today.

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